I like food

14 Feb

And I  got confused by those who don’t. I would occasionally people who would just be happy taking a few tablets each day that meet all their nutritional requirements and stops them being hungry. Only  meet as I do like food and could never understand them and really develop a friendship with them.

Food for me is how I bond with others, Growing up food was how you celebrated events. For your birthday you could choose your birthday cake (from the Woman’s Weekly of course, and the other one with the pool cake in it. When older we had the other woman’s weekly cake books), and a three course birthday dinner. And even though we are all adults (many with kids of their own) we still do this (well maybe just two course dinners and spouses cooking the meal rather than mum). If something sad happened we would also share food.  Now, when feeling down, I find just the act of cooking cheering. Eating food doesn’t actually help (maybe it would it I was around more appreciated people more often).

So these people who rather take a tablet rather than eat, confused me. It was like they were being purposefully anti-social.

Then I started to exercise more. By exercise I mean lifting/pulling/dragging heavy things around. And I was starving. I would need to eat a second breakfast and perhaps a second dinner as well. It was just too much food. I still like food, but I couldn’t mindfully eat that amount of food (as apposed to unmindful snacking and eating 500g of almonds over two days).

To mindfully eat, you want to consider the flavours and textures. The origin of your food and the nutrients. Have dedicated time to eat. To do this for an extra few meals a day was too tiring. I would end up eating the same thing repetitively and get bored with my food.  I would resort to buying prepare food that would flare up some of my intolerances, just to have something where I didn’t need to think.

Now I understand a bit more why some people rather have a tablet than food.  And I just scull down a protein shake after the gym.


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