Gnome be gone, come on Cplex

20 Feb

It lasted a grand total of two days. The extensions were nice, but they weren’t nearly enough for me to stop being continually annoyed about the clock being in the wrong spot. Just a matter of:

sudo apt-get remove gnome-sessions

And a reboot. Well more or less. My login screen is still gnome like (which I actually prefer). The other issue is that the default cinnamon desktop picture is shown when I log in. Not really an issue, but I don’t think it should and it takes a while for it to go.

Now onto installing cplex properly. I’d forgotten what a drama it could be. Here is the download location (took me ages to find it), now trying to get their java applet to actually set everything up.

Update: on setting up cplex. The permissions on the downloaded binary need to be updated (e.g. cmod 766), then sudo ./cplex… (sudo as you need permissions to write to certain default paths)


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