Review: Brisbane Food

25 Feb

I’ve been in Brisbane visiting the Puppy since last Friday. We haven’t really done much in Brisbane other than eat, to the point we were struggling to remember where we had ate. For a future reference, this is what we ate:

Friday: Arrived from Newcastle. As I knew I would need to wait for an hour or so at the airport, I found a nice isolated spot near gate 30 and caught up on the two newest episodes of Girls (S02E05/6). At the cafe I had a coffee (I know nothing about coffee so I won’t bother reviewing it) and spiced fries with aioli. Spiced meaning paprika. With lots of salt. So nice enough, but left me feeling somewhat dehydrated.

That evening we went down to the markets on Queen’s square. Lots of wonderings. We shared a langosh and later I had some some barramundi nachos from Guzman y Gomez. I seem to remember them not having cheese on their nachos. These had too much cheese.

Saturday: I had the left over nachos for breakfast. Later Puppies was hungry so we headed up to Ruby in Padington. We shared a haloumi and potato rosti with two poached eggs, bacon and a chunky tomato sauce. The eggs were poached well and all the flavours went well. Puppy had a breakfast dessert consistiting of a nutella sandwhich made with brioche turned into french toast topped with maple ice cream. It was a good french toast with the right amount of soggyness. We both expected the ice cream to hand maple lumps in it, instead it seemed to be vanilla ice cream with maple syrup poored over the top. The service wleas very eager to take away plates and glasses. As soon as you crossed you cutlery or there was no visible colour left in your glass, it was gone.

We didn’t need anything until dinner when I realised by sugar levels had gone completely out of wack. We headed to a near by pub where I got the 15 minute special steak (medium done, red wine jus with coleslaw guaranteed to be out in under 15 minutes). If I had been paying more attention I would have gone for the non-timed special (same price, I just prefer medium rare, maybe a mustard sauce and a garden salad). As it was it was just what I needed (big bit of meat quickly). Puppies had a chicken parmigiana which he said could do with more sauce.

Sunday: An early breakfast at Scout. Here I had smashed peas and zucchini on toast with a fried egg. Puppies had the welsh rarebit. I really liked my peas, they were nice fresh and lemony. I would have rather it all with a poached egg, but then I think nearly everything goes better with a poached egg. Puppies welsh rarebit was good. Maybe a bit too much mustard.

After bell ringing on Sunday, we went over to  Tognini’s Bistro Cafe. Puppy had a chocolate mudslide shake and I had an Zinger juice. The mudslide promised to be chocolate syrup, chocolate icecream and milk (which may have also been chocolate). The chocolate icecream was a good ice cream but it was let down by cheap sugary tasting chocolate sauce. My Zinger was exciting. It was apple, ginger, probably something else (lime?) and cinnamon. It came out as bright green with crushed cinnamon stick springled on top. It was a nice .and refreshing. The cinnamon didn’t pay much of a role until I was crunching the ice at the end. Cinnamon flavoured ice is surprisingly nice.

Sunday night was our exciting fancy dinner at Dukka.

Monday: Feeling bleghy with no food in the house, I headed back to Scout. This time I had smoked salmon on potato panckaes with a sticky chai. The potato pancakes came out warm with a good portion of salmon. There was some sneaky dill hiding in this dish which I fished out. The sticky chai was definitely more spicy then sweet, would have it again.

That night puppies and I didn’t feel like extending ourselves and headed out to Hog’s Breath.

Tuesday: Feeling a bit poor from the last few days, so we are actually go to eat at home. Grandma spinach and sausages for dinner tonight.





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