Why I need to give up sugar

4 Mar

About 10 years ago I was diagnosed with hypoglyceamia. The diagnosis involved me getting a blood test after fasting for 8 hours. Then some glucose. Then having my blood taken every half hour for the next 4 hours. This test showed that after having glucose, by blood glucose level shot way up, but then very quickly dropped to below fasting levels. The treatment? Eat protein for breakfast, limit yourself to 2 pieces of fruit per day, every 2.5 hours and stay away from sugar.

For the most part I’ve kept to that advice. My breakfast nearly always involves some eggs, I don’t drink juice and normally have at most one piece of fruit per day. I get called a hobbit due to the frequency that I eat. And generally I do stay away from sugar. I don’t buy biscuits, cakes, sauces or really much processed food.

The issue is those events where it is just there. Tomato sauce at a barbeque. Mentos on the front desk you are manning for the rest of the day. Choc chip paradise pie sitting in the puppies’ fridge. Well really the issue is that I have no self control, especially when I get started. For me it is much simpler to say no, rather than to moderate. In short, I binged. It got to the point where I can feel my heart racing after I’ve eaten some sugar. If I hadn’t eaten any for a hour, I would get shaky and clammy. My brain wouldn’t think clearly. My skin broke out in angry red marks that won’t clear up for at least a week (slightly vain there, but I find clear skin is my best motivation for not eating sugar).

From previous experience, a month is a good time to aim for. After a month, most sweets taste disgustingly sweet, so I have no desire to eat them. I’m not even thinking about eating sugar any more. Best of all my skin has cleared up to the point where I don’t want to screw it up.

So for March, I’m just going to say no to any refined sugars. I will still eat fruit, but just half an apple per day. Anything else ending in -ose (fructose, dextrose, glucose is out). So are artificial sweeteners as I find they don’t satisfy cravings in the slightest. Once I got through March, I should be not much of an issue to keep it up. Well at least until the next time I lose control.


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