Mint Cinnamon’s second chance

13 Mar

This was going to be a post about how I liked mint/cinnamon, but couldn’t actually work in it. I couldn’t work in it as I couldn’t get the windows network share I store all my work on to automatically connect and couldn’t find an editor that I liked. Well I do like Kate, but it wouldn’t easily open (read drag and drop open) the files that were on the network drive that I couldn’t easily connect to.

But while writing, I thought “Why don’t I give it one more go”. And I magically got the network  drive to automatically connect. And now that it is connecting, Kate is opening the files I want. So linux is getting a good second chance now. Well even more than that, currently I have no real annoyances with it. For anyone else, and my own future reference, this is how I got it to work:

These are the instruction I followed to get the mount working. The issues I was having the first time is that I wasn’t using the GUI to first connect to the drive so that the password would be remembered. I wasn’t using the GUI as it wasn’t laid out in the way they explained. For me, I open up a file browser, File ->Connect to Server. From there you get a nice screen like:


You don’t want an FTP connection, you want a Windows Server one. When using gvfs-mount my command line was: smb://<domain>;<user name>@<server>/<server name>, so put those bits of information into the relative fields and hit conntect. With any luck it will connect. Then unmount and follow the rest of the instructions.




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