Comfort Foods

18 Mar

I’m sick. A busy week, lack of sleep and increase in tutoring made me initially think that all I was needed was a good night sleep and a quiet morning enjoying myself. But as it turns out, I needed a quiet weekend, bed and a day or two off work.

So I’m home now, obstinately doing work, really thinking of ways to cheer myself up and stop my throat from burning.

In terms of cheering well myself up. well I find that impossible to uncouple from food. Well I could get a good book and curl up in bed read, but it is even better if I have some nice tea. So really, I’m looking at comfort food.

So far, my best comfort food has been Italian Sausage and Lentil Soup from Smitten Kitchen. I made this last week, so now I have a stockpile in the freezer. Warm soup is soothing and it is spicy enough to clear out my sinuses a bit.

My other default comfort food is porridge. I’m very inexact with my porridge: put some traditional oats in a bowl, poor milk over it, add a splash of water. Chuck the whole thing in the microwave for 2-3 minutes, or until the oats are mushy.  Add some golden syrup, or maybe some fruit. I haven’t actually had any porridge with this bout of sickness. Most grains (other than rice) upset me as does milk, so I don’t keep them in the house. I need to do some research of quinoa porridge: I’m not a huge fan of quinoa, but maybe in porridge while I’m sick will make all the difference.

What I’m really craving now is chocolate mousse. Some cool and velvety sounds perfect for my throat. With an added bonus of chocolate. I don’t really have a default recipe for chocolate mousse (well if I have a Stephanie Alexander book handy, I will make her fudgy chocolate mousse), but I do have a criteria. A good chocolate mousse should have proper chocolate, cream, raw egg and a bit of liqueur or coffee.  Something like this. Unfortunately no chocolate in the house currently, but it may almost be worth an adventure to the shops. The other problem is my sugar-free March. Do I break it if I’m sick needing chocolate mousse? Do I compromise and get sugar free chocolate with suspect artificial sweeteners? Maybe make a mousse just using cocoa?

What are your favourite comfort foods?


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