Review: Organ Gluten Free Multigrain Pasta with Quinoa Penne

19 Mar

IMAG0263 I normally stay well away from gluten free pasta. My experience with rice or corn pastas is that they are overly mushy, grainy, tasteless and expensive. I’ve also gotten use to not eating much starchy food, so I rarely if ever feel like eating pasta. However, yesterday was a day for comfort food so I bought some Organ Gluten Free Multigrain Pasta with Quinoa Penne. What made me decide to buy it was that it contained quinoa and millet, which I thought may improve the texture somewhat. It was still an expensive buy at $5 for 250g.


I cooked it according to direction: chuck it in boiling water for 6.5 minutes, drain serve with sauce. When I tried it at 6 minute mark, it didn’t really seem al dente, more just hard. At 6.5 minutes it was a bit softer, but still different from what I would call al dente. At least it wasn’t mush or grainy. It also wasn’t tasteless. Being gluten free, it is never going to taste like a durum wheat pasta, but it was fairly good. Something you could eat fairly plainly with just some good olive oil and cheese.

I quickly realised that I’m really not use to eating much starch. While I was full, I really didn’t feel much different if I had just eaten a bag of doritos. My normal standard of eathing pasta sauce on top of a salad suits me much better (but then it isn’t really comfort food). So while the Organ gluten free pasta is a fairly good pasta substitute, the starch along with the expense means it isn’t going to  part of my regular diet.



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