4 Apr

So I was finally better. Well more or less, exercise left me exhausted and sick feeling, but I could still get around. Easter was coming, so with the long weekend I was hoping I could relax and get properly better. No such luck.

Traveling done to my parent’s house is a long 5 hour trip by the train. At the more or less halfway point I change trains. This train station has no proper food inside the station, just chips and ice cream. I normally try to duck out and get a pie or something from the cafe just on the other side of the gates. However, technically speaking, you aren’t allowed to break your trip like that. And on that day there was a station guard enforcing that rule so no luck. So I grabbed some chips and ice cream (it was a hot day, being sick had wrecked my no sugar in March resolution). Anyway, got to my parents place, bit something, and oh wow tooth pain.

I suspect the ice cream and chips were the last straw. After two weeks of a weak immune system, not eating the best, not brushing teeth consistently (was often exhausted and just collapsed into bed with out brushing) and already having bad teeth a nerve broke through. On the Thursday evening  of a long weekend. Dentist don’t like working the long weekend.

So I spent the weekend in sort of pain. For the most part, if I didn’t chew on the  side with  the tooth (right, second molar from the back on the top)  and kept away from hot and cold foods I was fine. It was those times that I did that it was horrific.

Back up home on the Monday. Tuesday, I went past the local dentist. I talked to the dental nurse, all she knew about my teeth is that it had hurt since the previous Thursday. Straight away she was talking about extractions. When I asked about other options she was somewhat hesitant and well saying that there were, but more expensive. Um no. I’m not going to a dentist where it seems pulling teeth is the first option.

On Wednesdays I asked one of the secretaries (that is really not how I would expect to spell that word)  for a dentist recommendation. Got in that afternoon. Thankfully, she looked at my teeth before making decisions, took x-rays before making further decisions and now I’m getting root canal treatment.

Now I’m being extra cautious with my teeth. Spending $1600 on them isn’t something I want to make an habit out of.




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