DIY Deodorant

8 Apr

For a few years now I’ve been making my own deodorant. The main reason is the avoid the nasty white stains that shopped bought stuff inevitably leaves on my shirts. A  side benefits means that I don’t need to worry about aluminum or what ever the current supposed scary thing in normal deodorant is.  The recipe uses coconut oil as a binder, bi-carb as the destinker and corn flour for I’m not sure what (for more binding?). Also some (optional) essential oils.

Strangely, I find that is also quite beneficial for acne. Well not so strangely as coconut oil, bicarb and tea tree are all good acne remedies. I just put a little bit of problem spots at night, so to avoid an excessively oily face in the morning.

The only sort of icky thing with it is that you have to use your fingers to apply it. However, if you are willing to store it in the fridge it will harden and you can put in on just like a deodorant stick.  Or during winter as coconut oil hardens at 24 degrees. If you have an empty stick container, you can even put it in there, just don’t let it get too warm as you will have severe leakage problems. Personally I just stick it in a little container. For the gym I use a lip balm like container.


2 T Coconut oil

3T corn flour

3T bicarbonate of soda

Essential oils of your choice


Simply mix all the ingredeints together. The exact quantities doesn’t really matter. I like to use tea tree oil and lemon oil (about 20 drops of each). The tea tree for the anti-infective properties, the lemon as it smells nice (putting it on reminds me of Arnotts Shortbread Creams). This quantity lasts me a good 6 months.


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