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Bike Riding

14 May

The gym I go to is a good 20 minute walk from my house. Which if fine if you don’t often go to the gym. But I was getting back into swimming and into New Lifting Rules for Women and that 20 minute walk was getting a bit tiresome (no matter how often I told myself it was a warm up).

I had an old bike at my parents house. I bought this bike second hand in Canberra a few years ago during the summer scholar program. I had brought it back home as I quite enjoyed riding around Canberra. I rode around my parent’s suburb once, realising that there was lots of hills and people stare at you strangely when you are struggling up hills. So it sat at the back of my parent’s getting all rusty, until I brought it home with me around the New Year.

I rode this bike for about a week, rust and all, until the back tyre started to get a really firm lump in it. Apparently when rubber gets old, the rubber buckles and these really hard air pockets form and make for a bumpy ride. So I had to get a tyre. It would have cost me ~$20 to get a new tyre. The bike really wasn’t worth much more than that. I told all of this to my sister who offered me her bike who had been sitting on her verandah gathering rust.

I picked up this bike. It is much better than the old bike: much lighter with more gears and a smoother ride. Also wasn’t an embarrassing salmon colour. I got it serviced (needed new break leads), had a basket put on the back and bought some lights (about $400 in total). And now I can get around much easier.

The main benefit of my bike is that I feel safer when I go home at night. I don’t know if it is actually saferĀ  to be on a bike or walk, but it means less time that I need to spend in the slightly dodgy neighbourhood between my house and the uni. It also means less reliance on public transport. This is especially good as on Sundays, many of the bus routes I want to be on are not running, but now with a bike I can still get to those places.