17 Jun

HabitRPG has become my newest productivity tool. In  fact it is the reason why I’m writing this post in the first place, cause if I don’t I’ll miss one of my daily tasks and I will lose health. And I want to get another 8XP so I can level up.

HabitRPG gamifies your life. You make a list of habits you want to get into (like not chewing your nails or standing up from your chair every so often, things you want to do multiple times a day), you make another list of daily tasks you need to do (like write blog posts) and you make a todo list. For each of these things you can say how hard it is to achieve. When you achieve these tasks you can experience points and gold. If you don’t achieve them (or do a negative habit, like chew your nails) you lose experience (and maybe gold).

With the gold, you can buy equipment or rewards. Rewards you set yourself, for example one episode of game of thrones could be worth 20 gold. Equipment helps you earn more xp, protects you from damage or gives your more health.

You can team up with friends and start a group. Admittedly, this feature isn’t every exciting yet. All it really lets you do is see your friend’s stats, but in the future it looks like you will be able to set common goals. Same with guilds. Guilds are public groups formed around a common interest, such as the graduate student group. There is a chat functionality in the groups, but no other feature that I can yet determine.

I don’t know how habitRPG will work for me in the long term. At the moment it is working for me as I’m in a group with my boyfriend who has gotten really into it, and I want to keep up. I know he will ask me why I’ve lost health if I don’t complete one of my dailies today. And its not such a bad thing. The dailies are things I want to complete each day (I should note, you can set what day of the week you want to complete the task) so really, it is forcing me to do the stuff I really want, not just curl up on bed and read reddit.




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