Teaching Reflection

18 Jun

This past semester I did a course aimed at casual academics (aka uni tutors) on effective teaching. In order to get the certificate I need to write an short reflective article (~600 word) about my teaching. I’m not sure what I’m going to write about, but this is at least a first attempt.

This semester got off to a rough start. I was sick, I swapped a tute around and there were public holidays and an early midsemester break. The course was aimed at a low level which I hadn’t had experience teaching at, it took me a while to get down to their level. I didn’t feel like I really got into teaching until around week 6-7. Which is bad as I only really started to learn student’s names around that point.

But once I got there, it really did seem to work out. Strangely the students easily forgave my early ineptitude and I had a few seem really grateful at the end. Maybe the ones that just stopped turning up were the ones that didn’t forgive me. The best thing for me is that there are a few students who are now planning on doing more maths when they don’t even have to. But these were already the bright ones, so perhaps it wasn’t so much me.

All in all teaching wise it wasn’t a bad semester. I got a bit more involved with course content (wrote nasty assignment questions about knitting) got to know some of the permanent teaching staff a bit more. Next semester I would like to have a bigger role in writing content, maybe try and wrangle a guest lecture or two. Learn student names much quicker. Keep better track of who is struggling. Look at some of the teaching psychology stuff we covered in the tutor course I did.

It should be a better semester anyway just with the fact I’m teaching subjects I can get excited about. Really looking forward to next semester.


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