Powerful Woman

20 Jun

Australia has been a fun place in the last week if you are interested at all in gender relations. The first female prime minister has had a menu written about her “Small breasts, huge thighs and big red box” and been questioned if her de facto partner is gay. This is after she was called “deliberately barren” (when she was opposition  health minister) and had signs saying “burn the witch” brandished at a rally attended by the opposition leader. Not to say she hasn’t come out fighting. There is her excellent misogyny speech.

The interesting fact about being questioned if her partner is her gay, it was on the premise that he is a hair dresser. So at first glance it seemed to be some homophobic stereotyping coming out. But Helen Clarke (NZ ex-PM) has been questioned about her husband’s sexuality, as has Helle Thorning-Schmitd (Danish PM).  So while it still might not be direct misogyny, there are still people in position of influence who can’t understand that a straight male can be a partner of a powerful woman.

This has gotten me thinking. Will people be looking down at  my partner if I get a high-powered job? Its not that I mind people thinking that he is gay (they are wrong, but its not like being gay makes sense as an insult), its that people think less of him because of something outside his control.

I’m really hoping that this is mostly just the older generation and that they will die out soon. Somehow though, I don’t think we will be so lucky


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