Obesity is a disease

24 Jun

In the last week the American Medical Association recognised obesity as a disease. Cue out rage from body acceptance blogs. I don’t normally frequent body acceptance blogs as I find them somewhat hypocritical. They promote “health at every size” and get upset when people define them by their size. But now that obesity is classified as a disease, they are upset that they are a disease. So they don’t want to be defined by their size, but as soon as a medical organisation classifies their size as a disease, they are suddenly defining themselves by their size. Bizarre.


A disease is an abnormal condition that affects the body of an organism. Does obesity effect the body of an organism: yes. So it is a disease, at least with that definition. In the same vein, anorexia is also a medical condition. Actually, I think that obesity would be better classified as an eating disorder, similar to anorexia as in both cases they have an unhealthy relationship to food. Why can people who aren’t eating be forced fed, whereas the obese cannot have food withheld?

And those promoting “health at every size”. I think you are delusional. Read this. Yes, your blood work might show you are healthy. But the fact you have 10cm of fat between the outside and your vital organs will make it that much harder to perform any surgery. You might be healthy right now, but how will you be in 10 years time.

These are facts. It is also true that your weight doesn’t define you. If you are 150kg, but can do everything you want to, I just don’t care.  Stop trying to make your size define you.


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