I like my Kindle

2 Jul

You know how anticipation is normally better than the actual thing? For me, its the thrill of the hunt, not the kill.  Which is actually quite good, I’m happier shopping when I don’t spend money and have more clutter in my room. But with my kindle, the opposite occured: I wasn’t particularly anticipating a kindle, but knew I should get one so I have something to read while travelling.  So one evening when I was at the shops and in a bit of a depressive funk I decided to buy one.

And wow. Its not the hard ware that surprised me: I knew it was good. Its all the things that I thought I wouldn’t use. I never thought I would use the built in the dictionary, as really, when was the last time I looked up a definition of a word? I now use it all the time for those words that I’m fairly sure I know what they mean from the context, but not 100 per cent sure. I’m now buying more books. Books that I’ve been wanting the read for a while (like Michael Pollan’s Cooked) but just haven’t due to not seeing it in the shops. I’m buying other books I wouldn’t necessarily read just because I no longer need to have room in my book shelf. Hell, even the xray feature is getting a work out. I can imagine it would be ridiculously useful when I come around to reading Wheel of Time.

My  kindle hasn’t increased my reading, just replaced some of my library reading. But it has let me read more of those slightly obscure books and  increased my vocabulary as now I’m sure what some words mean. Coupled with the x-ray feature and a back-lit screen, this would have to be one of my best purchases in years.


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