Moving: the joys of a share house

4 Jul

I live in a share house. This is quite typical of a PhD student: while we get money, its not really enough to rent a place of our own, so we share. I’ve been in three different houses in the last 2 years.

House 1: sociopathic housemate(s). In this house there was a couple (one of whom was the sociopath, the other I’m not sure) that sublet the two spare rooms. The internet went out and he claimed the ISP suspended it, but never provided proof, refused to talk about, I and the other guy renting tried to talk to him about it, he kicked us both out over the long weekend while we were visiting our (different) families.

House 2: this wasn’t actually a bad house. Just 5 people sharing, not much interaction. Some of them managed to flood the bathroom on a regular basis. For me it was emergency accommodation after the previous place, it was two expensive for the long term.

House 3: this is where I am currently. Moved in with a sort of friend. Two randoms had the other rooms. It was fine for the first year. This year sort of friend got a real adult full time job. Which meant he became incapable of cleaning dishes within 24 hours of using them and remembering to pick up after himself. Of course instead of whinging here, I should just be straight out and tell him, which I actually have. It just makes me feel like his mother. And I don’t won’t children at the moment. The other problem here is the randoms: one is an ex-student (and not a very good one at that) which raises questions of conflicts of interest. The other smells and doesn’t talk to any one.

Now I’m looking at moving out. My problem is that my place is actually quite good, present company excepted. Its a large room, decent public transport and bike paths, close to the shops,  and close to the uni and a good price. At the moment my current choices for a new place is about 8km from the uni, sharing with one other person (with internet) or close to the uni and sharing with 2 others (no internet). The later does seem better, but involves sharing with undergrads, who are, well undergrads.

I’m trying to kid myself into thinking that living further away from the uni may get myself more organised in the morning and mean more  bike rides, rather than more time on public transport. Also trying to kid  myself into thinking that I really don’t have much stuff and it won’t be a hassle to move.

I have a love/hate relationship with this move. I want to move, I’m not happy where I am. But I’m worried that moving will put me in a worse position.


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