First day of semester

29 Jul

In a way I miss first days of semester. Catching up with friends, new subjects and good intentions. Now the first day of semester means no parking and large lines for food (at least there is more food around). The first day of second semester isn’t quite as so as first semester. Most students have been around for at least one semester, so they are no longer so bright, enthusiastic and dressed in their most fashionable clothes. They have all become a bit disenfranchised with the whole system. Oh well, my first tutorial for the semester (actually lab) is tomorrow. We are throwing them in the deep end and getting them to use matlab. I’m not sure how that will go, but it will be fun and somewhat frustrating.

What always strikes me about the first few days of semester is how some of the women students dress. Yes, those 10cm heels look good, but how do you expect to walk? Oh well, they learn soon enough. However, my favourite story:

I was walking to uni. About 100m ahead of me I saw a woman who didn’t appear to be wearing pants. I got closer, it appears that she was wearing flesh coloured tights. Getting closer I realised that you could see her underwear right through her tights. As I was overtaking her, I saw she had “Wrong way, go back” written on her undies. I’m almost certain that this was her first day at uni. I really wonder how it went for her.


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