30 Jul

Officially I’ve been teaching subjects that had a MATLAB component in it for the last 2 years (this semester would be my third). The problem is that I’ve never really learnt MATLAB. I had to use it briefly for my Linear Algebra course, but all we had to do what copy down commands. In the course I’ve been teaching, MATLAB has been a side thought and students have been able to successfully ignore it. However, this semester, MATLAB is the very first thing we are doing, so I got some hopes, not particularly high mind you, that students might actually end up using it a bit rather than just ignoring the labs.

Having said that, I am a coder. Just because I don’t really know MATLAB, doesn’t mean I have no idea what I’m doing. Its more that MATLAB does odd things. Like to access  vector (which as far as I’m concerned are just arrays) elements, you use round brackets. How am I meant to remember that when I only use MATLAB a few times a year?

Here to hoping that students are willing to actually play with it and learn.


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