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I don’t like stuff

14 Aug

I’ve recently moved. Overall this is a good thing. On the down side, I had to pack up all my stuff, which made me realised how much stuff I actually have. I did get rid of a fair bit though and probably should get rid of some more. This is a good thing as well: I like the idea of having less stuff and being able to move more easily. Now most of my stuff is craft supplies , tech and books.

But moving means I’ve also collected more stuff: a bed (queen size! With a really nice mattress!) and a car. Well the car wasn’t from moving, but it is useful as now I’m about 9km away from the uni.  But with stuff comes more worries: I’ve had this car for just over a week. I’ve already managed to lock my keys in the car (at 6.30am in the morning, that was a $160 call out for a locksmith). Now the car isn’t starting. Yesterday morning it coughed like the engine was trying to turn over, but couldn’t. In the evening it was barely even coughing. Thinking back, I thought the acceleration was a bit dodgy, but I put that down to me being not entirely use to the car.

Moving also means that stuff gets damaged and misplaced: looks like my monitor/tv has a massive patch of screwed up pixels now and I can’t find some of my charger cables.

It really comes down to having more stuff, means that there is more responsibility and your feelings are tied to things you cannot  easily control. While I have downsized in this move, I’m really considering going further. Or at the very least, stop accumulating more stuff.



6 Aug

On the weekend I moved houses. On paper it was a bad idea: my new place is further away from uni, the room is smaller, rent is slightly more expensive and since I broke my lease early on the previous place I’m stuck pay rent for two places, at least for the time being. But on the plus side I’m now sharing with just one other person who knows how to tidy up after herself, goes out and enjoy herself with friends. These pluses are more than enough to make up for the downside.

One thing I’ve learnt is that sometimes it is best to ignore what is  on paper.

I was really getting depressed at my old place. I love cooking, its is one of the best ways for me to destress. Yet at the old place, cooking was something I only did to feed myself. The kitchen floor was often crunchy (I actually found half a rasher of bacon on the floor when I did a quick final clean up). The benches were dirty and there was a pile of pots that needed to wash. Really, if I wanted to cook, it was almost  guaranteed  that I would need to clean up  first. I don’t find cleaning a good way to destress, so the result was I just didn’t cook. On a related note: I am an introvert. I’ve found interacting with peoples mess that be as draining as interacting with actual people, with no bonus side effect of companionship. Seeing a messy kitchen was enough for me not to want to interact with people.

Two of the four people I was living with, just didn’t talk. The other guy use to be a friend. Use to be as living with him made me lose all respect. He never cleaned (and actually consented to his mother, the landlord, cleaning up the house), left his shit around the house and just didn’t do anything. I did ask him a few times to  clean up after himself and got the whole “Well if you really think so, but I think you are being a bitch about it” impression from him. I wasn’t willing to ask him every single time, as really, I’m not his mother.

I’ve spent two nights at my new place now: and I’m actually happy. Last night, I came home. House mate was out, so I made a nice dinner (kale, caramelised red onion, marinated fetta,  olives with a friend egg) and could sit in the living room and read my book quietly. I then cleaned up after myself. It then struck me, that I was happy. At my old place I would be feeling a lot of resentment towards everyone else. I would be holing myself up in my room, trying to ignore everyone else. Now I feel like I can just relax, which makes this whole move  worth it.