I don’t like stuff

14 Aug

I’ve recently moved. Overall this is a good thing. On the down side, I had to pack up all my stuff, which made me realised how much stuff I actually have. I did get rid of a fair bit though and probably should get rid of some more. This is a good thing as well: I like the idea of having less stuff and being able to move more easily. Now most of my stuff is craft supplies , tech and books.

But moving means I’ve also collected more stuff: a bed (queen size! With a really nice mattress!) and a car. Well the car wasn’t from moving, but it is useful as now I’m about 9km away from the uni.  But with stuff comes more worries: I’ve had this car for just over a week. I’ve already managed to lock my keys in the car (at 6.30am in the morning, that was a $160 call out for a locksmith). Now the car isn’t starting. Yesterday morning it coughed like the engine was trying to turn over, but couldn’t. In the evening it was barely even coughing. Thinking back, I thought the acceleration was a bit dodgy, but I put that down to me being not entirely use to the car.

Moving also means that stuff gets damaged and misplaced: looks like my monitor/tv has a massive patch of screwed up pixels now and I can’t find some of my charger cables.

It really comes down to having more stuff, means that there is more responsibility and your feelings are tied to things you cannot  easily control. While I have downsized in this move, I’m really considering going further. Or at the very least, stop accumulating more stuff.


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