HabitRPG back up

1 Oct

I’ve talked about HabitRPG before, but I’ve been out of the habit (ironically enough) of using it. Mostly because of the memory leaks, the android app not working and the weekends. The memory leaks were getting so bad that it seemed like whenever I tried to go on the website, they were resetting the server. The (unofficial) android app wasn’t updating my stats. Because of the app not working, I wouldn’t tick of my habits over the weekend, which would result in death :(.

Happily though, the memory leaks seem to be sorted out, so I’m back to entering details on the website. The weekend issue still exists though: maybe the app is better now but either way, my phone isn’t happy with me right now (put it in my bra while running, now the touch screen doesn’t work :/).


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