2 Oct

I bought a Fitbit One on the weekend as a somewhat impulse buy. I already use programs such as RescueTime to track my work, so the idea of tracking my exercise appeals to me, especially as all I need to do is the remember to put it on in the mornings and only needs to be charged once a week. The other big selling point of the Fitbit, that unlike other pedometers, I don’t need to have a pocket or waist band to attach it to (which my clothes often have neither). The fitbit one comes will a silicon case that has a metal reinforced clip which is thing enough to wear clipped to my bra hidden by my cleavage. I chose it over the flex or zip as I like to see all the different modes and have sleep tracking, which those two don’t. But really, I just wanted another toy and to try and compete with my boyfriend (a long time user of fitbit).

I’ve only been using it for two days and I’m surprised by how little walking I do in a day. In a normal day I would struggle to get up to 5,000 (the recommended amount is 10,000). The result is that I’m now forcing myself to go out for more walks. More walks isn’t really a hardship, my main problem is making the time for it. So little things like parking near my office rather than the gym when I go to the gym in the mornings adds 3,000 steps to my daily count, without causing me much more effort. Just then I walked up the 3 flights of stairs to see if a friend was in his office (need to check some details with him), which should add some to by stair climbing account. Later this afternoon I’ll go for a walk around campus which will hopefully add a few more thousand. When I get home, if I haven’t done my 10,000 I might go for a run.

I can’t comment too much of the competition aspect of it yet. On the fitbit dash, it shows your friend’s total steps from the last 7 days. My boyfriend has the full 7 days displayed, I just have 2 and a bit, so he is well ahead of me. Having said that, he is also ahead of my for average steps in a day, so I need to step up (pun!) my game a bit. I’m hopeful that the competition aspect will keep me looking at it for the long term.

Fitbit also gives you badges for reaching certain achievements. So far I’ve gotten 5,000 steps and 10 floors. So really nothing considering there are also badges for 10,000 steps and 25 floors. But knowing that they are there are making me scheme to reach those goals. I’m not sure what will happen when I get the easy ones done. There are daily smiley faces if you reach your goals on the dashboard (10,000 steps, 25 floors, 30 minutes of active walking time), so that may keep me going.

So positive changes so far. At least for the time being it is addicting, not sure about the long term



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