Duolingo Italian: Basics 1.3

13 Oct

The last of the first lot of basics! This lesson you learn a new vowel (drink) and some new nouns (water, bread and sugar). The main aim of this lesson is the familiarise yourself with the fact that Italian verbs have different forms depending on who is performing the action. This means that your verb changes depending if it is you, some one else, he/she is doing something, they (as in the plural) are doing something, or we are doing something. In this lesson we are just looking at the singular cases.

(as a side note, 50th post! And my original of this post some how disappeared when I published it)

Mangio: I eat. Verbs that are referring to something that I am doing, generally end is a o. This means you don’t need to bother saying Io mangio… as Mangio… gives you the same information

Mangi: You eat. Verbs ending in i are generally something that you are doing. Once again you don’t need to specify that tu is doing it.

Mangia: He/she eats.

Bevo: I drink

Bevi: You drink.

Beve: He/she drinks. Note that this does not end in an a like mangia. There doesn’t seem to be a nice rule like bevo/mangio and bevi/mangi

Pane: the bread. This is one of the few masculine words that end in an e.

Zucchero: the sugar. Note that it is lo zuccerho, not il due to the soft z sound at the beginning of the word


(These summaries include words that haven’t been covered yet, but I know it confuses me if I don’t see all the forms of the words to start of with, so I’m going to just list them here):


The sugar (always masculine)

Article noun plural English
Lo zucchero Singular The sugar
Gli zuccheri Plural The sugars

The bred (always masculine)

Article noun Plural English
Il pane Singular The bread
I pani Plural The breads


Mangiare (eat)

Person Present Example (Italian) Example (English)
io mangio Mangio una mela I eat an apple
tu mangi Mangi una apple(informal) You eat an apple
Lei mangia Mangia una mela (formal) You eat an apple
lui/lei mangia Lei mangia una mela She eats an apple
noi mangiamo Mangiamo una mela We eat an apple
voi mangiate Mangiate una mela (informal) They eat an apple
Loro mangiano Mangiano una mela (formal) They eat an apple

Mangiare (eat)

Person Present Example (Italian) Example (English)
io bevo Bevo l’acqua I drink water
tu bevi Bevi l’acqua(informal) You drink water
Lei bevi Bevi l’acqua (formal) You drink water
lui/lei beve Lei beve l’acqua She drinks water
noi beviamo Beviamo l’acqua We drink water
voi beviate Beviate l’acqua (informal) They drink water
Loro beviano Beviamo l’acqua (formal) They drink water

Additional resources for this post:

No additional resources used for this post: maybe I’m getting better at Italian?



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