Duolingo Italian: Phrases

13 Oct

This phrases topic is really two lessons, but I’m combining them into one post as there isn’t really much to distinguish the two, and I don’t really have much to write for different forms of the words. In these lessons you are learning basic greetings, farewells and some courtesy.

Greetings and farewells

Buongiorno: Good morning

Buonaserra: Good evening

Buonanotte: Good night

Ciao: hi/bye

Arrivaderci: good bye, although I suspect the literal translation would be closer to farewell as it doesn’t have the buon.., beginning

Courtesy and miscellanious

Per favore: please. Favore just by itself means favour, per favore is for a favour

Prego: beg, as in “please please please”. Similar to the English “I pray”, but nowhere near as formla

Grazie: thank you

Spiacente: sorry

si: yes

no: no

Non: not. Be a bit careful how you use non, as it is a bit different than not. In Enlish you would say I am not a man, but in Italian this would be “Io non sono un uomo”.


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